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We are delighted to offer our Train-the-Trainer programme for Independent Trainers, to meet the needs of individuals wishing to become a Connecting with People trainer, as well as organisations who’d like to deliver our non-clinical training modules to external agencies.

This programme allows unrestricted onward delivery to any third party, with fee charging, in accordance with the terms and conditions of our Independent Trainer Licence agreement.

The Independent Trainer programme is suited to individuals who are working and/or training within the mental health and wellbeing space, and would like to deliver reputable, high quality training that has been developed using evidence-based principals, the latest research, best practice and invaluable input from those with lived experience.

We currently offer our ‘Emotional Resilience’, ‘Emotional Resilience for Professionals’ and ‘Community Suicide Awareness’ modules for our Independent Trainer programme. These modules have been specifically developed for delivery to the workplace, general community, non-clinical health and social care staff (including first responders), education and third sector organisations (NGO’s).

All modules support our ‘whole-community’ approach to mental health wellbeing and suicide prevention. These have been purposefully designed to develop understanding, skills and confidence, with view to

  • improve individual wellbeing and develop emotional resilience
  • address stigma around mental health and suicide
  • ensure a safe, appropriate and compassionate, person-centred response to someone in distress
  • establish a common language to improve communication across different sectors and promote a more integrated response across statutory services, third sector providers and communities
All of our modules combine compassion and governance to improve emotional resilience, increase empathy, reduce stigma and enhance participants ability to provide a safe, compassionate and appropriate response to someone in distress. Connecting with People training uses a compassionate approach to learning. We focus on the participant experience which is immersive, empowering, inclusive and values based. Our training style uses facilitation, lecture-style presentation, open discussion and group-work to remove unconscious barriers, improve compassion, knowledge and confidence. We are incredibly proud of our established reputation for high quality training and feel our success stems from an academic approach, ensuring all training content is peer-reviewed by our international Expert Reference Group and underpinned by evidence-based principals, the latest research, best practice and invaluable input from those with lived experience. Our training has helped a number of organisations across the UK and internationally, to implement a whole-community approach to mental health wellbeing and suicide prevention within their organisation.
Currently, the folowing modules can be delivered by independent trainers:
  • Suitable for all, including children over the age of 13
  • Enhances delegates’ emotional literacy
  • Challenges stigma around emotional distress and tackles barriers to help-seeking
  • Uses ‘watercourse analogy’ to help delegates understand different levels of distress
  • Shares effective self-help strategies suitable for different levels of distress
  • Uses the ‘sunflower analogy’ to help delegates understand wellbeing and resilience
  • Shares practical ways to develop and maintain emotional wellbeing and promotes the importance of this
  • Equips delegates to have a greater emotional literacy and know how to enhance their resilience (not mental toughness)
  • Equips delegates with positive ways to cope with stress or emotional distress, to develop a personal plan to build their wellbeing and know where to access further support if they ever need help in the future
  • Equips the delegate with the knowledge of how to use to make their own Safety Plan
  • Suitable for professionals, first responders (including voluntary roles) and community participants who wish to deepen their understanding after Emotional Resilience
  • Know more about the importance of regularly investing in resilience and emotional wellbeing
  • Know more about the importance of self-care and self-compassion
  • Have a deeper understanding of the term resilience and emotional wellbeing
  • Mitigating against the effects of crisis
  • Making practical and effective changes to maximise wellbeing and resilience
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Design a Personal Plan to maximise wellbeing and resilience
  • Safety planning using
  • Suitable for anyone over the age 18
  • Develops understanding around suicide and how members of the community can learn ways to keep themselves and people around them safer and compassion
  • Training style – uses storytelling and facilitated discussions to gently tackle myths, stigma and barriers to talking about suicide and responding to people in distress
  • Not diagnosis driven so very inclusive and person centred
  • Introduces concept that suicide is not inevitable – people can be helped, and module includes the latest research and evidence
  • Suitable for ALL i.e. community members with no previous training
  • Helps delegates understand how distress develops and how people can be supported even in extreme humanitarian disasters. Training includes a true story about the value of compassion and hope after a humanitarian disaster (Earthquake in Haiti)
  • Provides guidance on how to talk to someone in distress and includes a section with skills practice of talking to someone in distress
  • Develops common language between community, services and those in distress
  • Gives delegates the confidence and the skills practice of talking to someone in distress
  • Develops a compassionate approach for demanding and time-pressured environments
  • Equips the delegate with the knowledge of how to use to make their own Safety Plan