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The Staying Safe website is a potentially life-saving resource we have developed, with invaluable input from international academics, mental health practitioners, people who have survived suicidal thoughts and those personally affected by suicide through bereavement. offers compassion, kindness and easy ways to help keep people safer from thoughts of harm and suicide, to seek support and discover hope of recovery through powerful videos from people with personal experience. The website provides vital ‘Safety Plan' guidance tools jointly funded by NHS England, with easy to print/online templates and guidance video tutorials purposefully designed to help people through the process of writing their own Safety Plan. A Safety Plan helps to build hope and allow people to stay safe by identifying strategies and activities to cope with stress and emotional distress, as well as listing people and organisations to contact for support, including emergency professional support.

  • User-friendly interface

  • Compassionate, respectful and helpful step-by-step guidance videos

  • Clear and easy to read information for people in distress and those supporting them
  • Specific area for young people

  • Downloadable blank Safety Plan template

‘Staying Safe’ Training - Free, online training resource to support the use of Staying Safe website

We have developed training to support the use of the Staying Safe website, equipping participants with the skills and confidence both to make their own Safety Plan and to encourage and support others to do the same using the resources on this website. Training has been designed to be used in a wide range of settings and roles, including the NHS and social care, first responders, third sector organisations, carers, peer support groups, community groups, schools and universities.

This training has a robust safety protocol and detailed step-by-step trainer notes. There is also a post-training evaluation that can be completed electronically by participants. This free training supports learning in groups and organisations who want to access quality assured training but restricted by limited funds.

‘Staying Safe Resources’ to support Staying Safe Training

We have also developed a free to download poster and easy to order leaflets, to support our free, online Staying Safe training resource. The leaflet contains helpful information, details of organisations to contact, and a blank Safety Plan template.