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Dear Nadz,

You’ve been here before and didn’t think you could make it, but you obviously did for me to be writing this!

You are so critical of yourself at the best of times, but your depression feeds on this and tells you nothing but lies. You are one of the few who can’t see any goodness at all in you and you are certainly not evil, although your depression is probably telling you the opposite right now.

There is no magic wand and once again it will probably take a long time, but you CAN do this and beat it once again!

Please stick with it and remember that you have made a difference to so many people. It’s just that they may not feel as comfortable as you are in opening up.

Look long and hard at your wrist and who your kids are already growing up to be, because some of them has come from you.

You are not a failure and you should not feel guilty about everything and anything, although it’s not something that you can make yourself believe when you are well! You tried your best and everyone else seems to know that, apart from you.

Things will get better and you will become stronger as a result.