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Clare is 38, a lawyer in a large city firm, who suffered severe postnatal depression following the births of both of her children. She has requested that her letter is published anonymously, due to concerns that knowledge of her experiences of suicidal thoughts may affect her work


Dear Distressed Clare

Something is broken at the moment. There are errors in your thinking. But it is just a symptom. You are ill. 

But it will pass. It has passed before. If you can just hold on, you WILL get better.

Take a deep breath and think of your boys. Ted is only 1yr old. He needs his mum. Ben is 6, but he needs you too.

Breathe again and think of Dave. You don’t want him to struggle as a single dad. You love him. he will miss you.

Push the thoughts away. You are strong. Be strong. You WILL get better. Just hold on. 

Love Well Clare