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Training for the Workplace

At any one time 1 in 6 people will be experiencing mental health problems within the workplace1, at an annual cost of almost £35 billion to UK businesses2. Reduced productivity, presenteeism, due to mental health is by far the largest cost to businesses, now costing twice as much as mental health related absenteeism.3

Furthermore, the 2019 BITC (Business in the Community) ‘Mental Health at Work’ Report4 highlights the impact of working practices upon the mental health of employees as a vital consideration, with statistics stating that:

  • 39% of employees experienced poor mental health symptoms related to work in the last year
  • 52% of whom say this is due to workplace pressures such as too many priorities or targets
  • 62% of managers described putting the interests of their organisation above staff wellbeing either sometimes, regularly or every day
  • Only 11% of managers in the UK have received training on understanding workplace stressors

We offer workplace wellbeing training programmes that help employers easily address employee mental wellbeing and provide a single effective tool to create a healthy and supportive workplace, that not only facilitates improvement of productivity, but also:

  • Improves reputational benefits attracting the highest calibre staff.
  • Improves staff morale promoting a positive and healthy working environment.
  • Increases employee engagement and retention as employees who feel respected, cared for and valued during a period of vulnerability reward organisations with loyalty and commitment.
  • Reduces risk and the expense of disciplinary actions, grievances and legal costs.
  • Reduces absenteeism and staff turnover avoiding disruption to business function, use of costly temporary staff, wasted time and money retraining replacement staff.
With an established reputation of high quality training deliveries spanning over a decade and an academic approach ensuring that all training content is underpinned by evidence-based principals, the latest research and best practice, we offer an approach that enables organisations to easily address mental health awareness and implement appropriate training programmes


ave been purposefully designed to facilitate:
  • A compassionate workplace environment
  • Improved individual emotional wellbeing
  • Building emotional resilience to increase positive ways to cope with stress
  • Development of the appropriate skills, knowledge and confidence required for staff to safely and appropriately address mental health concerns within workplaces and engage with colleagues in emotional distress

Connecting with People training certificates can be included within an individual’s CPD file.

Flexible, bite sized modules designed to fit within protected CPD time or shift patterns, delivered at a venue of your choice.
Blended learning approach designed to develop understanding, skills and confidence, with appropriate case studies used for skills practice.
Five models of training delivery available for cost effectiveness, meeting the needs of both small and larger organisations.

We offer a number of Connecting with People modules, designed to embed knowledge of best practice and meet identified training objectives for real-life impact and improvement of individual and organisational working practices.

Modules can be delivered as:

  • ’Direct to Participant' (DtP) programmes, designed to deliver training to up to 30 delegates at a time
  • ‘Train-the-Trainer’ (TTT) programmes, enabling larger organisations to develop in-house teams of their own trainers, licensed to deliver unlimited Connecting with People training to colleagues within their organisation.
  • Webinar ’Direct to Participant' (wDtP) programmes, designed to deliver webinar training to up to 10 or 20 delegates, all parties located remotely.
  • Webinar ‘Training Conference' (wTC) programmes, designed to deliver webinar training to up to 70 delegates, all parties located remotely. This format is available on selected modules only, see Training Delivery Options.
  • Webinar ‘Train-the-Trainer’ (wTTT) programmes - enabling larger organisations to develop in-house teams of their own trainers via webinar. These trainers then licensed to deliver unlimited Connecting with People training to colleagues within their organisation


For more information on delivery formats, please click here.