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North Wales based 4 Mental Health wins the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2022.

4 Mental Health provide compassion-focussed mental health training courses and free self-help resources, with modules on wellbeing, self-harm and suicide mitigation. Training is delivered under the program name ‘Connecting with People’, with formats available to support the needs of both clinical and non-clinical audiences via a range of delivery modalities; face 2 face, webinar, e-Learning. 
The company is honoured to win the prestigious Queen’s Award for International Trade for Outstanding Short-Term Growth in Overseas Business over the last three years.
4 Mental Health demonstrated exceptional agility and innovation, and significantly supported others, in adapting to pandemic challenges. New training delivery modalities were developed to support increasing focus on overseas training development, particularly in Australia. Overseas training significantly increased over the past three years, with this international growth mirrored within the UK, and facilitated by a substantial increase in staffing levels to support program delivery.
Alison Beech, Managing Director at 4 Mental Health: “We are passionate about making a difference and are thrilled to win this prestigious award. It reflects the commitment and dedication demonstrated by everyone in the organisation and the wonderful support of our international Expert Reference Group in helping us in the development of our training and free resources."
Professor Stephen Platt, Emeritus Professor of Health Policy Research: “As a long- term adviser to 4 Mental Health and member of its Expert Reference Group, I receive frequent requests to review materials associated with the various training programs offered by the organisation to a wide range of would-be beneficiaries. On every occasion I am impressed anew by the extraordinary care and diligence taken to ensure that their training is evidence-informed, accessible, culturally sensitive, outcome-focused and infused with values of compassion and respect. Their commitment to co-production with people with lived experience is widely recognised and admired. 4 Mental Health has strong governance procedures and a lean and agile organisational structure, permitting timely response to requests for help and support. It continues to be a great pleasure to work with an organisation that strives so assiduously to reduce emotional and psychological distress, promote positive mental health and prevent suicidal behaviour."
Ian James, Principal Aboriginal Mental Health Advisor to the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist of South Australia: "Congratulations to 4 Mental Health and their approach in improving the lives of so many suffering from poor mental health, not only across Europe but also here in Australia. I have had the privilege of working with the team over several years and appreciate their support and understanding in providing culturally responsive training and resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander South Australians. The success of the ‘Connecting with People’ training reflects the care and diligence of the team behind it.”
Professor Nicholas Procter, Chair of the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Research Group at the University of South Australia: “This award is well deserved. At its core, the ‘Connecting with People’ approach led by 4 Mental Health is a compassionate framework crafted through the voices of lived and living experience and the best scientific evidence in mental health and suicide prevention. Through their tireless efforts 4 Mental Health have made their products and services available to thousands of clinicians, civil society groups and everyday Australians. It has been our privilege to collaborate with the 4 Mental Health team on this important work.”

4 Mental Health free resources: is a potentially life-saving website to help people stay safer from thoughts of self-harm or suicide. Imbued with compassion and hope, the website includes affecting videos from people with lived experience and provides an online template for making a safety plan, including ideas and suggestions to help people cope with emotional distress. offers practical, calming and compassionate advice to anyone emotionally struggling or wanting help with their wellbeing. Designed to be suitable for both professionals and the general public alike and may be particularly helpful to individuals in a ‘carer’ role, including young carers. It provides step-by-step guidance to help people build their own personalised physical and mental health Wellbeing Plan. It has lots of ideas for things that anyone can do, including suggestions for 30-second or 3-minute ‘emergency reboot’ strategies, many of which can be carried out ‘anytime-anyplace-anywhere’.